Invisalign in Turkey

Invisalign treatment is a form of clear aligner orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth using removable, clear plastic trays instead of permanently attached metal braces. Invisalign treatment is safe, comfortable and just as effective as braces.

Invisalign is a brand that produces a patented form of clear aligner, not the aligners themselves. Invisalign clear aligners can only be applied under license. Our orthodontist, Dr.Burcu Kartöz, has invisalign license and she is very experienced doctor. Orthodontists work with Invisalign to design a unique treatment course based on a patient’s individual diagnosis using Invisalign brand clear aligners.

How does invisalign treatment work?

The Invisalign system is a revolutionary technology that straightens your teeth without the appearance of metal brackets and wires. Instead, Invisalign aligners are made of transparent, flexible plastic, designed for your unique case, to carefully and precisely move your teeth into their correct positions. When worn, they are nearly invisible.

Using patented SmartTrack™ material, the aligners are comfortable and biocompatible, fitting snugly over your teeth. Most treatments use a top and bottom aligner, each designed by your orthodontist to safely shift your teeth. You’ll receive a new set every 1-2 weeks, and then will swap out for a new set. Each one shifts your teeth closer to their correct positions.

Depending on your case, your doctor may also use SmartForce attachments, which are tooth-colored holds that affix to certain teeth to give the aligners added grip. You may also use rubber bands, which connect the top and bottom teeth to further assist the precision movement of your teeth into their correct positions.

When your treatment is complete, you’ll be provided with retainers, which will help protect the results of your Invisalign clear aligner treatment. You’ll wear retainers every night for the first few months, and then a few nights a week after that.

How can invisalign correct your smile?

Invisalign treatment uses a series of custom created removable silicone trays. Each tray puts just enough gentle pressure on your teeth to encourage them to shift into their intended position. This orthodontic method is discrete. With these clear plastic aligners, you or your child can see the benefits of straight teeth, without brackets and wires covering your smile during the straightening process.

Are clear aligners designed for minor adjustments?

When Invisalign first came on the market, this straightening method was limited to minor realignments. That has completely changed. With advances made in the straightening technology, these clear silicone trays can be used to turn teeth, close gaps, and correct problems with the bite. While clear aligners may not be the best option for everyone; it is an excellent option for most.

Is invisalign as effective as fixed braces?

Invisalign treatment offers excellent results for many patients that are equal to those achieved with treatment through fixed braces. For patients with complex alignment issues, additional treatments may be required with Invisalign which is not usually the case with fixed braces, which can treat a more comprehensive range of cases.

What are the advantages of invisalign treatment?

The main benefit of Invisalign is that the aligners are transparent, and do not require having wires and metal devices in your mouth. In addition, the aligners are removable. This allows the patient to enjoy food and drink whenever they want, unlike metallic fixed appliances. They also allow you to brush your teeth easily and maintain proper oral hygiene.

Aligning the teeth to make a person’s smile more aesthetically pleasing can also help to rid them of any insecurities they may have been living with. As such, Invisalign treatment helps to boost a person’s confidence and self-esteem.

What is benefits of invisalign?

Crowding: If teeth become crowded, bacteria can easily form between the teeth, which can make flossing more difficult. With bacteria build up and not enough flossing, periodontal disease can happen quickly. The Invisalign alignment trays can gently move your teeth into the correct position.

Biting: An unhealthy bite can reduce the patient’s tooth structure and can cause TMD repair. TMD is extra wear on the temporomandibular joint near the ears and is commonly seen for patients that grind their teeth. It’s common to see patients wearing night guards to help absorb the impact of the biting, but this isn’t a solution to fixing the bite. Invisalign can help take the misalignment of the bite and fix it, discovering the root cause of it.

Why choose clear aligners over traditional braces?

When deciding which style of braces are best for you, or your child, there are many important points to consider. Many who choose clear plastic orthodontics, do so because these aligners are discreet. The clear aligners are thin and fit smoothly, allowing smiles to shine through. They can also be a good option because:

  • The trays are removable for eating and oral care
  • Treatment is comfortable and there is no risk of poking wires
  • Food choices are not restricted
  • Teeth remain easy to care for
  • Tooth movement is predictable and precise

How long does invisalign treatment take?

Invisalign treatment lengths vary from 6 to 36 months, depending on your specific case and condition. Your orthodontic will do a thorough examination, using x-rays and/or 3D imaging, to determine your treatment and how long it will take.

Will orthodontic treatment take longer?

Treatment times with Invisalign are getting much faster and do not typically take longer than traditional braces. Invisalign patients are now cutting their treatment times nearly in half thanks to advances in the aligner materials and improved techniques. Patients typically require fewer total appointments and fewer emergency visits. As long as you wear your aligners as recommended, straightening teeth with Invisalign will not take any longer than traditional braces, and could be much faster.

Does invisalign treatment hurt?

Invisalign treatment is painless! The removers are made of soft, flexible SmartTrack plastic, with a scalloped edge clinically developed for a comfortable, effective fit. The SmartForce attachments are made of a safe, non-toxic dental adhesive that is painless to affix and remove.

You may feel minor discomfort for the first day or 2 when wearing a new set of aligners, but your teeth will adjust quickly.

What is the best age to get invisalign?

There is no age limit for Invisalign treatment. Older children from six years old onwards, teens and adults are all eligible for the process. Further considerations may be necessary for adults, like additional orthodontic treatment alongside Invisalign. It is essential that a person’s teeth are healthy for Invisalign to be successful.

Do i need invisalign rubber bands?

Whether you will need to wear rubber bands depends on the Invisalign treatment plan devised by your orthodontist. If rubber bands are a part of your treatment, it’s important to wear them as instructed to achieve the best results with your Invisalign treatment. Rubber bands provide added force to the aligners. They hook to Invisalign attachments, small fixtures attached to certain teeth that provide more grip for the aligners and can connect the rubber bands to slowly move your teeth into their correct positions.

What you need to know about vivera retainers?

Vivera retainers protect the results of your Invisalign treatment. You will wear them after your Invisalign course is finished. The retainers look like Invisalign aligners, but they are designed to keep your teeth in the correct positions rather than drifting back out of alignment.

Your doctor will usually instruct you to wear the Invisalign retainers full-time for a few months, and then only at night, for a few nights a week, for as long as you can. Vivera retainers are made of patented SmartTrack material for long-lasting effectiveness and custom designed for your smile to protect the results of your treatment.

How to clean invisalign aligners?

To keep your Invisalign aligners clean and working properly, remove them between meals and before drinking anything but water. Clean them before putting them back in your mouth, by brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm water or dish soap, and/or soaking them in mouthwash or Invisalign cleaning crystals. Maintaining the cleanliness and care of your Invisalign aligners is a very important part of your treatment!

What are invisalign cleaning crystals?

Invisalign cleaning crystals are a patented solution designed by Invisalign for the thorough cleaning of your Invisalign aligners. Dissolve them in a glass of water and soak your aligners between use to remove any bacteria. Use Invisalign cleaning crystals regularly to maintain clean, fresh aligners, for a healthy mouth and teeth and to keep your treatment on track!

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