Emax – Full Ceramic Veneer

Emax – Full Ceramic Veneer in Turkey

What is Emax full ceramic veneer?

Emax full ceramic, full porcelain, and empress are names that represent the same thing. Among the cosmetic dentistry procedures, porcelain laminates, together with zirconium applications, are the most preferred treatment option.

These veneers, as indicated by their names, are made entirely of one type of material, which is porcelain. Unlike zirconium, they do not have a substructure layer. They are made of a crystal-structured ceramic core that is reinforced by high-pressure compression. Color transitions and aesthetics are completed by layering glass ceramics on top of the core.

These veneers offer results that closely resemble natural teeth, thanks to their highly transparent structure and crystalline properties. These are the preferred restoration option for achieving a natural-looking smile, especially in cases where color matching is critical, and where patients have high aesthetic expectations, such as in single-tooth restorations in the front of the mouth. The transparency level and color of each layer can be meticulously chosen. However, they are not recommended when teeth are missing since they do not provide adequate resistance. The decision to use them in the molar region depends on the patient’s jaw relationship, parafunctional habits, and chewing analysis. Compared to other types of veneers, full porcelain veneers are more expensive due to the higher cost for dentists and technicians and the need for greater precision during the procedure.

Which patients can be treated with Emax full ceramic veneers?

The primary objective is to satisfy the patient’s requirements and meet their aesthetic expectations. Typically, this treatment is recommended for individuals seeking smile design and dental aesthetics. The treatment should prioritize both aesthetic improvement and the preservation of the tooth’s health and functionality.

  • If there is a diastema (a gap between teeth)
  • If the length of the tooth needs to be increased or the contours need to be adjusted
  • In cases of minimal dental misalignment and positional disorders
  • In cases of dental shape abnormalities and worn teeth over time
  • For teeth that cannot be whitened by bleaching and have a dark color
  • In cases of developmental morphology and color disorders
  • For teeth that have insufficient bonding surface for porcelain laminates and have multiple restorations.

Which patients are not candidates for Emax full ceramic veneers?

  • To fill gaps or make bridges in case of tooth loss, this treatment should not be considered.
  • It is not recommended for molars with high occlusal loads or individuals who grind their teeth (bruxism).
  • It should not be used on teeth with restorations supported by metal posts or pins.
  • If considering implant-supported restorations, the abutment requires special treatment to avoid ceramic veneer fractures during direct placement. In such cases, Zirconium crowns, which are more durable against chewing forces, are a preferred alternative.

What are the benefits of Emax – full ceramic veneer treatment?

  • Perfect color matching is achieved with this method.
  • It is the most preferred treatment option for restoring a single tooth.
  • There are three transparency levels to choose from, providing complete aesthetic freedom in terms of reflecting or masking the color of the underlying tooth.
  • This method requires less tooth reduction than zirconium veneers but more than porcelain laminates. • The veneer adheres more securely to the tooth, resulting in better retention.
  • The glass crystals used in the veneers create a shinier, smoother appearance.
  • It does not have any negative effects on gum or oral health.
  • Patients can gain confidence from a smile design that is tailored to their facial structure and expectations.
  • Plaque does not accumulate on the surface of Emax full ceramic veneers.
  • They blend in perfectly with all soft and hard tissues in the mouth, making application easy.
  • It maintains its color over time, without discoloration.
  • WaxUp and MockUp applications are used during the measurement session to quickly apply temporary solutions, even for aesthetic losses, and to compensate for temporary losses. Patients do not have to walk around with missing or small teeth.

What are the treatment stages for Emax- full ceramic veneers?

This application is generally used in smile design patients, so smile analysis should be performed first, aesthetic expectations should be evaluated, and photos should be taken. Dental and gum problems should be eliminated. It should be worked in a completely healthy environment. Depending on the need, the wax-up and mock-up obtained from the measurements taken during the analysis partially demonstrate the situation that will occur after the treatment to the patient. The patient’s primary expectations and thoughts regarding tooth shape, length, and color are obtained, and this demo stage is important for giving us an idea. Then, as with zirconium and porcelain laminates, measurements and trials are made. Temporary teeth are applied during the measurement session, and the possibility of tooth sensitivity and aesthetic problems are eliminated. Necessary adjustments are made to the teeth and the crystallized structure is cemented to the tooth with special resin adhesives that will provide proper bonding to the tooth. The reason why these Emax full ceramic veneers are more aesthetic is that they do not have a base material underneath. The completely ceramic structure is very similar to natural teeth in terms of light refraction and transparency values.

How long does Emax- full ceramic veneers treatment take?

For those who have fully healthy teeth and gums, and whose smile design analysis has been performed, the procedure can be completed within 4-7 days (including the rehearsal stages) after the impression is taken.

Emax – what is the difference between full ceramic veneers and zirconium veneers?

These two options are treatments with high biological compatibility that we safely use in aesthetic dentistry applications. With the methods we frequently use in our treatments, teeth with high aesthetic value can be obtained. The shared characteristic is that there is no metal-like material in their content that will cause aesthetic problems and the desired results are achieved by producing them in advanced systems.

Zirconium veneers vary with respect to their substructure and are preferred if there is an expectation of high resistance as well as aesthetics.

In other words, when you have a toothless gap and a bridge is planned, a full ceramic bridge cannot be made, zirconium is preferred. We also avoid full ceramics for those who have high force from molars and a tendency to clench teeth.

In the anterior region teeth, full ceramics are preferred if there is no tooth deficiency.

In this distinction, do not forget that the most appropriate treatment plan for you will be made by your physician.

Does the tooth under the Emax full ceramic crown decay?

The attachment of Emax full ceramic veneers to the tooth can also be referred to as integration. Resins that penetrate the crystalline structure also penetrate the tooth, creating complete unity. Under ideal conditions, there is no anticipated issue with the underlying tooth. The same is true for zirconium veneers, and even for laser-assisted metal-supported veneers when there is a perfect fit with the tooth. Of course, good oral hygiene and regular checkups are required to support these restorations.

Will Emax – full ceramic veneers break?

Once permanently bonded, this structure cannot be removed as a single piece. All the crystals in its inner structure can be thought of as forming separate connections to the tooth. Any impact that would be a danger to natural teeth, such as falling and hitting, suddenly biting an olive pit, or incidents involving forks or stones, could also be a danger to all teeth and veneers, including Emax full ceramic veneers, and could cause them to break. Since each restoration is done separately, in the event of such a break, the remaining pieces of the Emax full ceramic veneers must be removed and a new tooth applied.

Oral care for teeth with Emax full ceramic veneers

They should not be considered any different from your own teeth. Strictly good oral care, regular tooth brushing significantly improves the lifespan of the aesthetic restorations we make. The brushing technique recommended by the dentist should be applied, and this is the most important factor. If necessary, flossing, mouthwash and mouth rinses can be added. Emax-full ceramic veneers are bonded to the tooth as they are fixed with a special adhesive which prevents displacement.

Prices for Emax – full ceramic veneer treatment

The cost of Emax-full ceramic veneer treatment is determined by the number of teeth to be treated, the type of material used, and any additional dental treatments required. Emax veneers are among the most aesthetically pleasing dental treatments and are more expensive than other types of veneers. To obtain detailed information about the cost of Emax-full ceramic veneers, a thorough analysis and planning by a dentist who specializes in this treatment is necessary.

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