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Your smile is your true story

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Our Team

Welcome to our aesthetic dentistry and dental implant center in Turkey!

We, as Global Dental Center, want to give you the most beautiful smile by providing painless treatments of the highest quality in an environment where our patients feel safe from the first moment they enter our polyclinic. In our polyclinic, dental treatments are provided for the treatment and needs of our patients with the understanding of a professional healthcare system that meets the requirements of science and modernity. During your treatment we will take your opinion with our specialists with a multidisciplinary approach and at the end of the treatment we will show you the most suitable and beautiful smile for you. We will be happy to accompany you in this special process of change in your life and carry out your treatment. Your satisfaction at the end of the treatment is also for us the most important source of motivation.

Dr. Musa Kartoz

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Burcu Polat Kartoz

Smile Designer, Orthodontist

Dr. Ayse Onal

Smile Designer, Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentist

Munevver Akin

Clinic Coordinator

Feride Yilmaz

Dental Assistant

Melike Küçükşalvarcı

Dental Assistant