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Dental Centre Antalya

As Global Dental Center, we rank as one of the first clinics and dental services providers when it comes to Antalya dental center, we attach great importance to being with you in every aspect during your dental treatment experience. We are happy to offer dental services in our excellent dental center, which is above European standards, fully equipped, where you can feel comfortable and safe. We aim to offer you the best quality dental care in our center located in Antalya city center. We carry our standards to the highest level by processing the top quality dental equipment in the best quality laboratories in Turkey.

Why you should choose us?

Detailed Treatment Planning; We also provide free consultation services. Our team of specialist doctors carefully examines your photographs and X-rays that you send us for information purposes and creates the treatment plan prescribed for you. When you come to our center, your final treatment plan is created with a detailed oral examination and digital x-ray. We share with you the alternative treatment plans that emerged as a result of the interview in a very descriptive way. Then we decide together with you the most suitable treatment plan for you. We believe that every treatment plan should be specific to every single patient because each patient’s treatment needs, expectations from treatment, general health status and financial opportunities are completely different. For this reason, the most appropriate treatment plan for our patient should be decided and elaborated based on all these criteria.

Guarantee Services; We guarantee the treatments we apply by relying on our high quality service. We provide detailed training for the post-treatment dental care of our patients.We offer a 5 Year Warranty on all our dental crowns, bridges and veneers. Our clinic’s service quality is above most clinics in Europe.

Specialized Dentists; Our team consists of highly qualified dentists, each of whom is an expert in their field and has many years of experience.  Our experienced team; consists of aesthetic dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, implant specialists, orthodontists, endodontists, certified dental technicians and dental health nurses.

Our patients are satisfied with our treatment; Dental treatments for the demands and needs of our patients are applied by considering their high patient satisfaction and high treatment quality.

Quick And Quality Treatment Results; Using the latest technologies, we are able to manufacture porcelain crowns and restorations within the same day.

Unique Holiday Experience; The pearl of the Turkish Riviera, Antalya, is an enticing blend of historic charm and seaside fun. Explore ancient wonders wedged between the mountains and the sparkling Mediterranean.

Holidays in Antalya serve up Roman ruins, beach resorts and artistic treasures on a backdrop of natural beauty. Antalya city center and the city in its plenitude is home to the golden sands of Cleopatra Beach and an atmospheric Old Town lined with Ottoman mansions. Fun attractions rest alongside nature and history, with golf courses, water parks and glittering nightlife venues offering something for every type of traveller.

Budget Target And High Quality Dental Treatment; The cost of your treatment is quite low compared to cost in Europe and The USA. However, the quality of the laboratories and materials used is top notch. Our center is equipped with the most modern digital dentistry devices (digital x-ray, VIP clinic, dental photography studio, etc.) and provides high quality service.